Are carpets good flooring option for restaurants?

As we all know restaurant is a place where most people would go to eat when they are outside with friends or family, on special occasions or during break time at work and in school. People choose a certain restaurant to dine and relax. Obviously, with the number of people coming and out of the place would a carpet as flooring option be a good choice?

Well it actually depends on which part of the restaurant are you going to apply it. Each area has its own usage and different role to people. Thus, what are the flooring options suitable for each area and where is carpet best applied? A restaurant has 4 areas which are the waiting area, restroom, kitchen and dining area.

Restaurant Flooring Tips

Waiting Area

A carpet is best suitable in the waiting area for it is the place where people or customers should feel comfortable and relax while waiting for vacancies or reservations. To achieve this, it has to look appealing to people. Remember it is the first space that people see when entering a restaurant so it should be appealing to the eyes particularly when it comes to the flooring. It must be slip resistant, durable and easy to maintain which is why a carpet is the best choice. What’s more, it is very welcoming to people. To keep carpets and upholstery in restaurants always clean and presentable, contact Irvine upholstery cleaning.

Dining Room

In the dining room, a wood like flooring is the choice for it is the room where people gather to whatever reasons they have such as graduation, birthday, graduation, anniversaries, special holidays and more thus it has to be warm and inviting.


In the kitchen, ceramic tile and commercial vinyl flooring is best suggested. Although, restricted to the public, it should still be a place where employees can work properly as the working environment affects their productivity. Besides, it is considered as the heart of a restaurant so it has to be appealing as well, just like other areas.


For restrooms, standard concrete must be applied as a type of flooring because it has all the qualities needed including easy maintenance, durability, water resistant, and safe to people when walked on. This area needs careful consideration for is a particular set of properties flooring solutions must be able to endure.