Big Impact of Music that shouldn’t be Overlooked

For some time, people have been enjoying their food with some good music too. It may not be that obvious but it is there. There are actually musicians during Roman Times who are performing in dinner parties.

These days though, musical accompaniment when having meals are pretty common and the genre of music played varies greatly. If you own a hospitality business regardless if it is a hip bar, cozy café or fine dining restaurant, you know how crucial music is to set the guest’s mood. But the question is, how much you truly pay attention to the type of music being played in your premises.

When playing music as the background, it is not only important to have the best tube amp, the best band or awesome playlist. You have to strategize everything to level up the mood of your guests and give them a wonderful dining experience. If you still think that music doesn’t do much at all, then think again. Let me give you few examples that will definitely change your mind.

Music Sets the Atmosphere

Whether you believe it or not, music is the secret if you want to set the mood of your restaurant. Having the right harmony will deliver consistent message and compliment your brand at the same time.

Not just the music is important but the volume as well. When the music played is too loud, guests will not be able to talk clearly and begin to drink more according to science. Thus, this kind of music is more often used in clubs or pubs but not for family-oriented or fine dining restaurants.

Volume and Frequency

The music played has the power of making the dishes become more flavorful. For a long time, scientists have been researching about the impact of music on taste and discovered that playing sounds in low volume while eating can make an already delicious dish savory. Conversely, playing high-pitch sounds enhances sweet flavor.

Play the Right Songs

According to research, music makes restaurant queue less stressful. Guests who are waiting do not become stressed and anxious if they hear some soft and nice tune on the background.