Cafes That Allow Chess Games In Vienna

Often unfairly decried as a boring and monotonous game for old people, chess can, on the contrary, be an incredibly exciting thing, where you don’t let the television, internet, etc. get the best of you. A game of chess activates the brain making once sharper when it comes to logical and strategic thinking.

Just like any other brain game, you have to know the basics – check this chess website which is perfect for beginners. Once you learn the basics, quite simple rules, chess has true potential for addiction and an hour or two can fly by so fast.

European Coffee Trip – Vienna

Chess can be played at home in a familiar environment but also in countless cafes and bars with food and drink. In Vienna, these five cafes welcome chess boards and pieces for avid chess players.

Five Cafes That Allow Chess Games In Vienna

While in Vienna, check out these cafes that not only serve food and drink but also allow a chess game for their customers.

Kafka coffee

The café founded in 1880 on Capistrangasse in the 6th district impresses above all with its cozy atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of Mariahilfer Straße, which is only a few meters away. In the small (smoking) bar you can drink an excellent melange on finely upholstered seating, and eat small things like toast or hummus with flatbread.

Particularly noteworthy is the artistic chess board including lovingly and detailed designed figures, which (and this information is worth mentioning at this point in comparison to several other restaurants) are always available in full and do not have to be supplemented with coins, buttons, or other utensils.


The cultural center Siebenstern in the 7th district – not to be confused with the Gasthaus Siebensternbräu, which is about a minute away – sees itself as an “open, left-wing place that is intended to create space for free discourse”. In this relaxed atmosphere, which is rather moderately smoky compared to other cafés and a bit airy, you can indulge in a game of chess until late at night. Recommended as a little refreshment in between are the many delicacies on the menu, which also always offer seasonal items and snacks. Add a large Murauer or Wieselburger and you’re good to go.


In the Schottenfeldgasse in the 7th district is the oriental restaurant Ronahi, which is definitely and by far the coziest restaurant in this row. The upper floor of the two-story restaurant resembles a huge living room with carpets and sofas where you can really lean back and relax with a game of chess after a lentil soup and a starter plate with hummus, “cigar börek” and flatbread.

Unfortunately, the shortcomings to be mentioned are, on the one hand, the often quite long waiting times until an order can be placed or until it can be paid for and on the other hand the fact that the chess pieces are hardly ever complete – here we recommend clicking the buttons mentioned above, coins or other game characters to grab back.

Cafe Sperl

People don’t just come to the Sperl to drink coffee. The unique ambiance, the beautiful furnishings, numerous daily newspapers, and the typical charm invite you to linger. And best of all: You can also play chess here!

Although the venerable Sperl has now also joined the list of tourist magnet coffee houses, this does not detract from the pleasure of a relaxed afternoon in this veteran rock.

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Cafe Ruedigerhof

Many may know this Art Nouveau jewel mainly because of the beautiful sidewalk café, which is open until 2 a.m. in summer. Here you will find home-style Viennese cuisine, waiters whose humor is almost legendary, and an interior where opinions differ. But signs of wear and tear or not – the Rüdigerhof is charming, cozy, and offers the opportunity to play chess. During a game, it can be discussed whether the interior design hasn’t seen better days.