Checklist when Opening a New Restaurant

According to statistics, 1 out of 4 restaurants are either changing ownership or closing within a year of their launch. This is specifically the reason why brainstorming and meticulous planning is crucial. More so in areas including staffing as well as licensing for it helps would-be restaurateur have high probabilities of passing the dreaded 1-year mark and be successful in their chosen industry.

4 Pillars of a New Restaurant

If you want to put up a restaurant and believe that it’s a viable business, then see to it that you tick the boxes below.

  • Commercial Workspace

When opening a new restaurant, there are only two options you have to choose – buy a vacant space, then renovate it to fit your specific needs or lease a previous restaurant. Between the two, it would seem that the former lets your creativity flow in regards to the design of your restaurant. Thing is, be sure to have deep pockets for all the cost it entails.

Few upscale restaurants spend $500 per sq.ft to build everything from scratchWhat Now Atlanta

Compared to when you’re leasing a dedicated restaurant space, you have better chances of making huge savings. It’s for the simple reason that you do not need to spend money on installing a new heating and cooling system, electrical work and specialized plumbing. Everything’s built before you.

  • Equipment & Supplies

Any new restaurant will need to invest in major appliances like freezer, refrigerator, range with hood, dishwasher and of course, cookware like pans and pots, utensils such as ladles, tongs, spatulas and can opener.

Furthermore, restaurants need large sinks, storage shelves as well as prep tables; not to mention matching chairs and tables for the dining area. You have to source all these from trusted and reliable suppliers.

  • Staff

The people whom you’ll be hiring are the lifeblood of your restaurant or any business for that matter. But in this case, your staffs are the one who make the mission and vision of your restaurant alive. It’s them who prepare sumptuous meals and deliver outstanding service.

To hire the right people, you must know first the type of food you’ll be serving and how many tables you’ll have in your dining hall. This will determine the type of cooks and kitchen staffs to hire and the number of servers too. It simply doesn’t make sense to hire cooks specializing in Indian cuisine if you are serving Chinese cuisine, right?

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  • Licenses & Permits

As for this one, it’ll likely include health services permit that’s often issued after inspection of the workspace and zoning permit. Since you’ll be dealing with foods, you need to pass food safety course too as well as fire inspection.