Chef John Tesar’s Hints On How To Select The Best Restaurant Steak

John Tesar is recognized as a chef of many views, and his opinions on a steak are no exemption. Getting him talking about his trials with dry aging, his ideas on animal husbandry, and the reason butter on steak is a primary sin brings about an impassioned and helpful take on the process. “Strangely enough, growing up in The big apple and residing there for 43 years and departing after 9/11, it’s ironic that a seafood chef shifted to Texas and started to be a self-proclaimed steak specialist,” says Tesar, who operates a Dallas steakhouse, Knife, and has lately published a cookbook on steak.

Feast on the best steak they have to offer

Here are Tesar’s suggestions on how to pick the best steak when you venture out to eat: what to search for in each step from when you first open up the menu to taking that all-significant first bite.

Decoding the food selection: You’ve been sitting in your posh chair ready for the determined onslaught of meat-eating conflict to begin. However as your server hands you a leather-based tome to look at, your head starts to swim with the range of menu descriptors, from the création of each animal to dry aging times. For Tesar, who makes use of steaks from Texas providers 44 Farms and HeartBrand Beef’s Akaushi cattle at his restaurant, one of the important elements to a great steak starts at the farm. “It’s a blend of things: the animal husbandry, keeping track of the genetics, the feed method, and then dry aging – extracting moisture, blood, and impurities – make it an excellent steak. And then the majority is kind of technique and consistency.”

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Steaks at its finest by chef John Tesar