Different Types of Restaurant Establishments

If a place or business fulfills our Restaurant list guidelines, it is going to be assigned an institution kind. Sometimes, more or two establishment types might be assigned to the identical listing.

Establishment types comprise:


These characteristics are generally shared by bakeries:

  • Provide bread, baked goods, sandwiches to go, tea, coffee, and soft beverages
  • Don’t Provide complete menus for lunch and dinner
  • Usually, do not serve alcohol

Bars & Pubs

Bars & Pubs share these traits:

  • Serve pub-style meals
  • Have a pub section in addition to some sit-down/dine-in section
  • Serve alcohol

Coffee & Tea

  • Tea & coffee establishments typically share these traits:
  • May offer light snacks (e.g. sandwiches, ready salads), but the main attention is tea and coffee
  • Do not Provide full menus for lunch and supper
  • Ordinarily, don’t serve alcohol


Dessert establishments typically share these features:

  • Beverage dessert meals, frequently sweet (e.g. chocolate stores with plated desserts, sandwich shops, places specializing in cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, sodas, etc.. )
  • Don’t Provide full choices for lunch and dinner
  • Normally, don’t serve alcohol

Dine with a Local Chef

Dine With a Local Chef institution normally share these characteristics:

  • Hosts need to be assessed by and recorded on EatWith
  • Dinner is served in a private place (e.g. home, flat, test kitchen)
  • The address is not publicly available and will be only provided after a reservation is made
  • Diners need to pay beforehand


Restaurants discuss these traits:

  • The dinner is served at a public location
  • The speech is publicly available
  • Signage at the place Indicates the title of the restaurant
  • Diners cover in the time of dining
  • An individual/personal dining experience
  • Diners order in a menu

Quick Bites

Quick bites typically share these traits:

  • Diners cover before receiving their Purchase
  • Mainly a take-out / take away establishment
  • Drive through or pick up windows
  • Doesn’t include table service
  • Limited seating
  • Diners order from a restricted menu