Knowing the characteristics of a good restaurant

No restaurant will probably succeed in really convincing every guest one hundred percent because the tastes are far too different for that.

Some people prefer a quaint, cozy ambiance, others prefer modern, stylish furnishings. While some people value the fact that they get large portions for relatively little money, others prefer small, attractively presented snacks made from selected ingredients.

General characteristics that speak for the quality of a restaurant

The outside showcase

The guest can get a first impression before he even enters the restaurant. The outside showcase, in which the menu or at least an extract from it is presented, plays an important role. With this showcase as the proverbial figurehead, the guest can find out about the dishes on offer and the price level.

A clean and attractively designed showcase is inviting and gives hope for good quality. The same applies to the rest of the outside and entrance area of a property management service.

The number of guests

Basically, a good restaurant is also well attended. Most guests visit a restaurant for lunch or dinner and on the weekends, so an empty restaurant in the early afternoon is not uncommon. Another aspect is how long the restaurant has been around. For example, newly opened restaurants are usually well attended at first because many want to try out the new offer.

The hygiene

An essential criterion for a good restaurant is hygiene. A clue is the aroma that the guest can smell when entering the restaurant.


A good restaurant smells like tasty food, while stale air and a smell of old, rancid frying fat is not a good sign. Another clue is the tables, which need to be clean and tidy. The same applies to the plates, cutlery and glasses.  Having a clean restaurant helps the environment.

The staff

Even the best cook can’t do much if the staff spoil the good impression. In gastronomy, friendly staff who greet the guest, treat them attentively and say goodbye to them should be a matter of course.

The scope of the menu

A sign of a good restaurant is a manageable menu, which is supplemented with changing daily or weekly menus that match the season.