Making Your Restaurant Ready For The COVID-19 ‘New Normal’

The COVID-19 pandemic made a terrible impact on us all last year. With millions of people that suffered and unfortunately succumbed to this new coronavirus, protecting ourselves is a must. Getting our bodies safe and protected against the virus benefits not only our over-all health, but our livelihood as well. Now that the vaccine rollout has already commenced, it is only important to get ourselves innoculated to end this dreadful pandemic once and for all. Getting the jab is also our first step to get our businesses back on track. It won’t be an easy path to recovery from now on, as the pandemic is still pretty much around, but we just have to adapt to the new normal.

If you are a restauranteur, you have to keep in mind the do’s and dont’s for the survival of your business amid the COVID-19 situation. With just some added effort on your part and the will and determination to carry on, your business will surely get through this challenging new normal, until one day the days that used to be will come back. 


Maintaining The Cleanliness In The Kitchen Area To Protect Your Customers And Your Staff

As a restaurant owner, you are already well-aware that keeping the kitchen clean is very important. This is just highlighted last year when the pandemic hit, and if we are used to intensive cleaning and disinfecting in the restaurant’s work area, we need to be extra neat freak to ensure the safety of our customers. When it comes to the coronavirus, there is a good chance that the virus can be transmitted when an infected person touches an object, and the other one comes in to touch the same object. Sadly, in a restaurant, the food needs to be touched for preparation and cooking. This is why we need to be very, very particular with sanitizing our hands, before and after food preparation. More soap supply, as well as alcohol or hand sanitizer that is readily accessible in the counter, must be present all the time.

If you have any kitchen cleaning techniques before, it is high time to change it and make it even more particular on the disinfection of unseen microbes in the kitchen area. Assume that the pesky coronavirus is present on the sink or in the plates, and you need to use effective antimicrobial agents to get rid of it.

The Puppies Club is making the same heightened health protocols so that their customers who want to get a nice and adorable pupper will be safe in their visit. That being said, as a restaurant owner, you must do the same for the benefit of everyone, including your staff and crew.