The World’s Best Outdoor Restaurants

More than having a good appetite,  sumptuous meal and a heavenly dessert, a lot of people often look for restaurants because of its views and ambiance. It must have been the inner aura that aside from eating good meals, they also wanted to enjoy it in a good place.

This is why a lot of restaurants all over the world are stepping up in creating a unique ambiance for tourists and locals to enjoy. Some also have the incredible twists like having meals right at the seashore, or at the rooftop or in a hanging tree.

Well, if you are on the loop in finding the right places for your kind of mood and interests then you are on the right website to find for help. Let’s check out the top 3 of the world’s best outdoor restaurants. 


1. The Cliff at Cap, St. Lucia


Top one of the list is the cliff at Cap at St. Lucia. Well, take a moment to get on with your best casual outfit and take dinner-out right at the open overlooking the sea below. Well, you get to enjoy the sea breeze, the view and the scenic sounds of the wave crashing down below. 

In fact, The Cliff at Cap Restaurant was recently hailed by The New York Times and is already one of the most highly sought after tables on the North West coast, definitely one of the Caribbean’s most dramatic settings.


2. Sanctuary at Puku Ridge, Zambia


For people who love enjoying exotic food in the Safari setting, then why not try to be in one? The Puku Ridge in Zambia is definitely the pick! You can also get this ground blind for hunting to ensure that you indeed enjoy a good sleep in the wild too. Other than that, they also have seven safari tents on-site has picture windows and its own viewing deck overlooking the plains – where game amble across for a drink of water while you enjoy your choice from a varied menu.

3. Vertigo at Banyan Tree Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand

A luxurious treat for the lux living, definitely Bangkok will take you into a one of a kind dining experience at Vertigo. You are set off at a rooftop terrace overlooking Bangkok in Banyan Tree’s five-star all-suite hotel. Not only that you can enjoy the view of the city but as well as the delicious treats from an extensive menu of meats, seafood, Japanese Wagyu, Australian tomahawk steak and a lot more!