Addiction in the Food and Beverage Industry

A research was done to see which line of work in the United States are most likely to be involved in substance misuse. Of all surveyed jobs, the food or restaurant and beverage industries rated one of the highest at 17 percent regardless of the restaurants you pick throughout the world.

Cooks and food handlers, bartenders, and food servers who use prohibited drugs and other substances double the national standard. Like other states, Florida carefully works with different organizations even with the best detox in Florida to ensure a drug-free workplace program.

Why are Employees of Food and Beverage Industries Prone to Addiction?

There are several reasons why the workforce in the food and beverage industry are exposed and prone to substance abuse.

  • The stress and anxiety level is tremendously high. The workforce are at all times on the move giving them a really small period of time to sit, rest, and take a break. This is especially true if there is a shortage of employees. A staff will most probably work for the whole shift with no pause.
  • Lack of sleep is also another reason why employees in this industry misuse substances. They would have to work long hours and generally receive minimum pay which is often not enough to support themselves and their families so they are forced to take a second shift or job. In order for them to manage or deal with the situation, they choose to take drugs, alcohol or other substances.
  • In the food and beverage environment employees can easily acquire many varieties of substances. The most popular drugs of choice include alcohol, marijuana, painkillers, stimulants, alcohol, and cocaine. Employees would typically bring in alcohol or drugs to portion with their fellow employees which then converts into a normal thing in the work place. And since most of the employees of these industries are young, peer pressure kicks in.

How can Proper Nutrition Help?

Keeping a healthy and balanced diet will make you feel better and will aid in improving your health and mood. Therefore, making you healthier, happier and more motivated hence, you are not inclined to use drugs and alcohol.

  • Don’t skip meals to avoid relapse
  • Choose low fat foods and nutritious meals/snacks
  • Have more food rich in fiber and protein
  • Don’t’ forget to hydrate yourself
  • Get enough sleep and rest