Advice For Eateries In The Event Of A Pandemic

During a pandemic, the restaurant industry is looking for new ways to remain adaptable while remaining true to its mission. However, we live in the age of delivery services, where we must change quickly and even yesterday. In many countries, cafes, bars, and restaurants can only operate at 30% capacity or prepare take-out meals. And here are a few pointers, many of which are self-evident and useful for restaurants preparing to adapt to the new reality.

Add takeaway trade to online orders

The empty halls place catering in the crosshairs of the axiom that the one who can quickly master online orders and takeaway trade will survive. However, the CEO of a large restaurant chain believes that simply delivering food to a customer is insufficient. The manufacturability and safety of cooking, as well as their transportation, play an important role. The food must be delivered to the client in a presentable state, with the taste, quality, and appearance as intact as possible. The final stage of delivery is more important than ever in terms of who delivered the order, what this person looks like, and how safe and aesthetically pleasing his communication with the client is. As a result, it is preferable to invest in your own delivery, which you can fully control, and earn a good profit by avoiding commission payments to aggregators. Restaurateurs spend large sums on marketing, invest in the cost of each contact, set the initial unprofitability of the first three orders, and as a result, minor mistakes – packaging, delivery person identity, inattention to additional customer requests – result in the loss of all investments. Also, did you know that monster musume season 2 is coming out? It was fun to watch while eating.

Protect guests from infection as much as feasible

Use the innovations as an opportunity to educate us about how you care for your visitors. They now want to feel secure, and the online community as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly important. Details such as the availability of hand sanitizers, staff compliance with unique rules, and special security measures for guests will aid in the maintenance of their site. Today’s client, who has been spoiled by many institutions’ attention, feels very well where they are handled truly and with care, and where they only want to make money.

Increase table spacing, set up safety equipment, and pack cutlery.

Restaurants will have to reconsider their layouts and approaches to hall zoning. Tight seating will become obsolete. Table spacing will be increased, or large spaces will be divided into smaller sections. Disinfecting wipes and sanitizers will become standard serving items, and cutlery will be served in packaging after disinfection, similar to manicure tools at a beauty salon.

Set up a contactless menu and an online ordering system.

This is possibly one of the most important elements that everyone who wants to run a restaurant business in the present and future should put in place. Thousands of restaurants already use contactless menus, which are displayed as a direct link or QR code in the restaurant. The visitor uses their phone camera to scan the QR code and places an order directly on their smartphone.