Experience the Nostalgic Restaurant of the Soviet

The Soviet is not just known to be the manufacturer of the well known AK-47 Kalashnikov. The Soviet is also known for their nostalgic restaurants. Among these famed restaurants is the Kommunalka restaurant in Moscow.

The Kommunalka Restaurant

The very first thing to understand the most modern Kommunalka restaurant inside Moscow would be that the feel is focused on nostalgia as opposed to fine cuisine. Its title, Kommunalka, implies “communal apartment” – an apartment shared by a couple or more households that had been common within the Soviet Union prior to the Nineteen-eighties.

This fact is close to Soviet emotion. Thus the idea has been experimented with before, nearly all with success in Russian restaurant Potente Arkady Novikov’s pub Kamchatka, however, Kommunalka took it one move deeper.

The style is really genuine that it is difficult to think you are in the present year of the millennials. The restaurant is within a previous communal residence, using its authentic design as well as a few of the décor. Walls tend to be coated with 1970s newspaper publishers and there are lots of Soviet things, which includes outdated radios, tv sets, weighing scales as well as cisterns having pickles spread all-around.

The key space appears like a kitchen area with items in exhibit, a little variety of samovars as well as a few laundry drying out on the line from the nook.

The Food on the menu

The delicacies consist of small selection meals from the previous republics of the USSR, not the Soviet Union, with all the cook set up a really good effort at finding the best of all of them on the food selection.

Nevertheless, the restaurant comes with one particular advancement that would not really exist in Soviet periods – a salad bar.

You will find conventional meals like borsch and also shchi which means cabbage soup placed in tiny cooking pots along with more odd types like or hedgehog meatballs served with rice in tomato sauce, and also the famous makarony po-flotski or macaroni, navy style.

And lastly, Kommunalka also offers more servings on homemade vodka mixes: try out any kind at a very affordable price. Do not skip quince, chokeberry, and the prune.