How do Steakhouses Tenderize Their Steak?

Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying an incredible, transcendent steak that’s tender, flavorful, and excellent for dinner. a giant slab of perfectly cooked steak can provide a fine dining experience and a much-appreciated change of pace.

The best steakhouses serve prime-grade beef that’s rare to seek out at an everyday food market. Aging is one of the foremost difficult processes a median person can perform due to the high risks of malady or spoilage. However, you’ll sit down with your local meat markets if you wish to search out the source for an aged beef cut. whether or not you discover a first-rate grade beef, it’ll still be too expensive than the most effective steak you expect to search out in an exceedingly local butcher shop.

The type of kit used plays a major role when preparing a tenderized steak. Many reputable steakhouses use infrared, overhead broilers to provide incredible temperatures when preparing their steak. Although some steak houses use grills, they will still use a novel technique in a very way that an everyday person won’t recognize. it’s possible to get similar equipment but the key lies in your timing and method of preparation. the meat cut has to be in direct contact with incredibly high heat to supply a stunning tenderized steak.

Steak needs a bit of seasoning to create it tender. It is often seasoned with sea or kosher salt, coarse ground black pepper, butter, and parsley. Salt creates a natural brine and concentrates the flavors by drawing out moisture from inside the meat. When salted, it takes on a deeper, red color after it’s settled for a long time.

Using forged iron Pans
You can still make a steak tender using infrared burners as they radiate plenty of warmth into a steak. However, a cast-iron pan is one of the foremost affordable ways to form an ideal restaurant-quality steak. It allows the meat to encounter intense heat from the pan allowing you to cook it hot and fast enough to create the steak perfectly. The initial procedure is to preheat the pan as hot because it can get before dropping within the steak for 2 minutes. you’ll be able to then flip the steak and add butter before placing the pan for about five more minutes during a hot preheated oven. The duration may vary reckoning on how best you wish your steak done.

Slicing Against the Grain
Beef cuts are comprised of long muscle fibers that may make it hard to chew using your teeth. Skirt or flank steaks are excellent for grilling and should require far more than slicing against the grain. Using acidic ingredients like vinegar, or juice breaks down tough proteins and adds flavor to your beef cut. However, marinating a steak mustn’t take long because it may become soft and mushy.