The Proper Attire For Restaurant Servers



How your employees dress and especially the way your servers apparel is a significant factor for an startup restaurant or even a cafe under new direction.

The way your servers groom and dress themselves says a good deal about your own restaurant. It is important to set up clear guidelines on your employee manual on the front of employees gifts themselves to your visitors. That’s why bloggers of fashion write for us to know what should be the proper attire for restaurant servers.


Restaurant Theme — Regular or Formal?

Prior to choosing the way your servers must groom it’s crucial to decide on exactly what your topic is. By way of instance, if your restaurant features a western motif it might be suitable for servers to groom in a western fashion.

In case your restaurant serves several formal classmates it is logical for your own servers to dress formally. If your restaurant is a casual surroundings it might be proper to allow your servers customize their manner of dress. It is important to make a difference between the way formal or casual your visitors are your restaurant team.

It is about the feeling you would like to provide. By way of instance, some fast food restaurants deliver formal pajamas with collars and slacks, even though most clients are probably in t-shirts and tastes.


Fundamental Restaurant Dress Prerequisites

Standard server apparel should adjust to the atmosphere and style of the restaurant. Remember that the target clients are and the best way to expect their response to your employees.

Irrespective of the restaurant design front of house staff must follow basic standards of dress and grooming.

Strategies for Dress

Comfortable to maneuver in — for servers there’s a good deal of physical action required. Bending, lifting, reaching, and tons of walking. Clothes should adapt these tasks.

Simple to wash — It is no secret there are a whole good deal of methods to earn a mess at a restaurant. To continue to keep servers from looking cluttered after a spill select clothing that are easy to spot wash.

Do not show excessive perspiration — It may get hot going around a lot, moving back and forth between the dining area and also a hot kitchen. The very last thing you need is to get servers’ garments to clearly show stains out of perspiration. Pick breathable fabrics and the ones which don’t change colour readily from perspiration.

No loose ends — You do not need anything overly flowing or which could fall into meals. Cuffs should be brief enough to not wind up in someone’s soup. Servers’ apparel ought to be comfy to navigate between tables and do support without hanging off their garments that might wind up contaminating food or becoming captured.


Cleanliness and Grooming Standards

Hair — Hair ought to be well-kept, brief or within a tight bun. This keeps pulling hairs from falling in to your guests’ meals and supplies a fantastic look.

Fingernails — Upgrades ought to have short claws, even if they’re manicured. Otherwise manicured, there ought to be no observable grime under your nails. If using fingernail polish it should not be deciphered or wearing away.

Body maintenance — Upgrades ought to put their very best foot forward and constantly shower prior to their change. Should they have problems with excess perspiration they need to continue to maintain a handkerchief to dab perspiration out of their face prior to interacting with guests.

Fragrances — Upgrades shouldn’t wear detectable scents. Strong aromas can mad guests that are sensitive. Furthermore, strong private fragrances can hinder guests enjoying the odor of their meals.

Cosmetic Dentistry — Servers shouldn’t possess any bad breath, since it’s unappetizing for the your visitors. Servers must brush their teeth prior support.


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Personalized Dress

Some restaurants allow employees to highly customize their overall look. Even though this is sometimes suitable for specific theories such as coffee shops and fashionable vegan bistros, oftentimes it is not. Remember your intended client and the way you would like them to connect with your own employees.

Jewelry — Particular jewelry things like bracelets and watches are normally not permitted for danger of contamination or becoming snagged. Rings are permitted but there could be limitations on the quantity and fashion. Necklaces should not dangle too much when tipping over.

Piercings — Normally ear piercings are permitted, provided that they will not have caught on anything whilst going round the restaurant. Controversy is released with other piercings like eyebrow, nose, tongue and lip piercings. Typically, restaurants don’t let most body piercing fashions.

Tattoos — temples which aren’t visible to clients while in uniform aren’t thought to be controversial. But, neck, face and neck tattoos are occasionally not allowed. This is based upon the kind of restaurant. Many fine-dining institutions don’t permit visible tattoos servers.

Hair Dye — Hair dye designs that seem unnatural like blue, pink, green, etc., are usually not permitted in restaurants because of their casual appearance which may offend some patrons. Nice dining table being the very appropriate, typically bans this particular outfit. But it is up into the restaurant along with the belief they would like to leave guests .


Restaurant Server Uniforms

If you would like the maximum control within your own restaurant servers’ dress it is recommended that you proceed with a uniform coverage. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of what is and isn’t appropriate and will make it a lot much easier for your staff.

You can make certain your servers’ type of apparel adheres to the topic of the restaurant. Additionally, it may produce a feeling of group identity as everybody is dressed in an identical fashion. Work is not a fashion competition. Uniforms may also help employees get in the ideal mindset to how they ought to act while in support.

Obviously, in spite of restaurant uniforms, they ought to always adapt to the simple grooming and dress standards of this restaurant.



First set the appearance and style of your restaurant. Your waiter dress code must match the topic of your restaurant. Consider how you would like your servers to be sensed with your visitors. Occasionally it’s suitable for hosts to dress in a fashion that’s much more appropriate than your visitors.

Establish fundamental guidelines for apparel which take into consideration employee security and danger of water contamination. Enforce standards of care that is basic. Ensure that your employees know their dedication to guest relaxation through grooming.

How much personal fashion is permitted to be voiced from the restaurant via antiques, jewellery and piercings is all up for you as the restaurant proprietor. Your options here influence the way your employees is perceived by visitors.

If you would like the maximum control on server apparel employ a uniform coverage. This can help make sure your servers’ appearance is sending the ideal message and can be “on new.”