Fine Dining Mannerisms

There are fine dining manners to follow such as:

1. Dressing up for the Event

-you want to remember that your clothing should be acceptable If you dine at a fine dining restaurant. It’s with dresses that are appealing, formal suits and a tie are appropriate. If you are unsure about the restaurant’s dress code, call the restaurant. If you really want to spice up the evening, you can buy gucci bags on sale to save and be fashionable and classy at the same time.

2. By selecting silverware from the outside to inside, toward the plate, you eat your meal.

-You will have more than one fork, spoon, silverware. You dont have to worry. There’ll be a dessert spoon and dessert fork. Knives and spoons are put at the side of the plate. So, the rule is outside to inside

3. Table Manners

-It is important to greet your server. Do not place your elbows on the table. Sit up. Pass items. Eat at the same rate as your guests. Do not pick food up. Do not chew while talking .

-Compliment the taste of the meal and the host on appearance. Do not put food in your mouth while chewing. Do not dip food in liquids such as soup or broths. Keep the plate await the server and when done.

-No double dipping!

4. Leave a tip of at least 15%.

-Talk to the restaurant host. Be considerate and enjoy you are treated. If there is a mistake with the meal do not become mad and make a scene. The problem and the server will appear after it.

The habit of using proper restaurant etiquette is vital When having dinner at a fine dining resto. The fine dining mannerisms should be understood by us, it may look hard — always be cautious of your manners.

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