Reasons Why We must Respect Restaurant Waiters

1) We apparently make more money than you – At the best fine dining restaurants, full-time waiters make upwards of six figures. Great enough for a work that doesn’t need a college education. That is it. Don’t ask anything.

2) We act as an essential buffer between you and the Chef with temper control problems– Do you want to go into the crazy hot kitchen and demonstrate your pine nut allergy to the psycho-angry  Chef and why he must consider using alternative sunflower seeds on your food even though there are no sunflower seeds indicated on the menu? Waiters almost always take a bullet for you as long as you treat them like a real people and giving them tip. Being your agent in the pantry isn’t as simple as you think.

3) We were apparently out having a drink until sunrise and can still correctly remember all the ingredients in the 8 herb salad – Try memorizing more than twenty ingredients or orders with a headache. You will just probably end up asking the customers to repeat their order. Give us a break. Our liver is working several hours per day and all the anti headache medicine in the world isn’t gonna treat the pain. Did we ask for an off day? No, we always brave the day just for the love of the game. For the customers. So stop being unreasonable even just for a day.

4) It isn’t simple wearing a white shirt, black pants, and an apron and still look presentable – Our uniform may be stained with yesterday’s gravy from pulling your food scraps back and forth to the bus tanks, but we still succeed to look sexy. It is not simple unlike these jobs

5) We have to chuckle at the terrible jokes your Dad makes to every server every time you eat at a restaurant – “That is it? Where are the rest?” Your dad will state looking down at the two bones remaining on his plate when we attempt to remove it. “Can you please get this and give me fresher meat.” Sure, we’ll smile and go with it but it is painful. We really feel bad for you.