What Constitutes Proper Work Shoes for Restaurant Employees

Providing shoes for servers and kitchen staff may be the least of your current priorities, but proper restaurant work shoes are still a must for employees. Proper here means shoes that meet not only safety standards; but also ones that provide comfort. Bear in mind that restaurant employees have to endure long hours of being on their feet when serving customers or when performing kitchen tasks.

That goes without saying that you have to have a set of shoe policies that include guidelines and a financing program, if not a subsidy system, for helping those who can’t afford to immediately buy a pair of policy-compliant shoes.

After all, quality shoes do not come cheap, especially if they are designed and made specifically for workplace purposes. Nonetheless, they offer not only safety and comfort but also durability, which are the essential features that make a pair of shoes proper as workplace footwear. .

Still, in case some employees insist that their preferred brand meets those three essential features, implementing uniformity is also necessary. It’s one way of ensuring that the aspects of safety, comfort and durability are based on objective and not on subjective opinions.

Allow us to take this discussion further by using the New Balance brand as an example, since it is the most popular representation of durable, slip-resistant shoes built with arch-support.

Implementing Uniformity In Brand and Style of Footwear for Restaurant Employees

Uniformity of brand and design is important because it ensures all restaurant employees are wearing shoes compliant with policy requirements. Although it’s easy to get a general consensus in favor of New Balance as the brand of uniform shoes for your restaurant, careful review must still be made. Mainly because not all New Balance editions are built for the same levels of comfort, safety and durability

While the NB 993 is a popular choice because the common feedback in every NB 993 Review there is, is that this edition is affordable, comfortable, slip-resistant and durable; but it’s not the most suitable for hardcore runners; or for that matter, for workers who have to be on their feet for longhours.

Setting aside cost as an issue , there is a premium NB edition that is specifically designed for restaurant employees, which is the NB 626 V2 Oil Slip Resistant Work Shoes. These are available for both men and women in Black/Grey or Blac/Navy colorways.

While the New Balance brand is already synonymous with comfort, safety and durability, the NB 626 V2 has supreme cushioning support for side to side movements and not just for forward walking or running foot actions.

Moreover, the no-slip rubber soles are made from oil-resistant and at the same non-marking materials, which ensure safety when working in environments that could turn slippery from liquid spills, including oil used in the kitchen.

An added feature that specifically meets restaurant-shoes standards is that the upper of NB 626 V2 shoes is of durable leather materials that provide not only extra protection, but also practicality as an easy-to-clean footwear for everyday wear. The lining and the sides are of breathable, moisture-wicking mesh material to help keep the wearer’s feet free from sweat and stinky odor.

Although this is just an example, it just goes to show that you don’t have to research long and hard in order to find the most suitable brand and type of restaurant shoes as uniform footwear from your employees.